Summer is officially here! Whether you plan on living easy or have a full schedule of plans, there are plenty of opportunities to elevate the season with weed.   

How can cannabis enhance your summer activities? Read on for our favorite products and pairings guaranteed to make it Hot Bud Summer through Labor Day and beyond. 

1. Adventuring in the great outdoors

One of our favorite tricks is incorporating infused edibles into traditional outdoor snacks. You can fuel up on energy and good vibes by adding THC chocolate to trail mix. We love Milk Chocolate Bites from Terra, or try Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans for a caffeine boost. If it’s time for fireside s’mores, substitute the Hershey bar for some infused chocolate, like the ones offered by Coast (you can even chow down on their S’mores flavor if you just can’t wait). 

Vapes make it super easy to get high on the go. As a bonus, they don’t involve flames, in case dry weather is creating a high risk of wildfires. Avoid the rookie mistake of forgetting to charge your vape battery before heading out. If you want to enjoy your vape right out of the box, ask your dispensing agent about convenient disposable vapes. These typically require less or no charging, and don’t require a compatible battery. 

Savor the tastes of summer with flavored vapes like Tropical Trainwreck from PVX, or the Alpine Strawberry disposable vape from Fernway. Keep in mind that vapes hit harder than smoking flower, so tread lightly when first trying them out. If you’re a newbie, have a low tolerance, or just want to remain clear-headed, we recommend the high-CBD vapes from Inspired by Montel – especially Energy for when you need a second wind. 

2. Seeing sports, shows, and festivals

Summer is a great time for activities like fireworks, live music, and baseball games. But if you want to pair this fun with weed, sometimes it’s best to keep it on the downlow. 

Edibles are a great option for staying discreet, especially hard candy. We like infused mints that provide a refreshing high and fresh breath, like the ones from Incredibles and Kiva. Plus, you’ll feel effects much faster by consuming them sublingually, or allowing them to dissolve under your tongue or in your cheek.  

Another sublingual option are tinctures, but be sure to choose products that are specifically designed to be dissolved under your tongue, such as Howl’s. Water-soluble tinctures like Levia are perfect for adding to beverages, as are dissolvable drink mixes. We suggest Vibations’ Blueberry Acai and Strawberry Lemonade for full THC, and their Half & Half Tea Drink Mix for a balanced, high-CBD experience. 

3. Trying to beat the heat

Since you’ll likely be lazing around in the shade anyway, why not seize the opportunity to explore new strains? If you haven’t already, try local growers like Ocean Breeze, Bailey’s Buds, and Gibby’s Gardens. Summer scorchers can even be an ideal time to experiment with a new kind of concentrate

It’s especially important to hydrate on hot days. Crack open some seltzers, or use drink mixes to add THC to any beverage. If you want to really take things to the next level, bust out the ice cream and make a root beer float

4. Hosting a party, picnic, or BBQ

It’s never been easier to indulge in THC-infused drinks along with (or instead of) beer and alcohol. The sodas from Novel are always a crowd pleaser, along with sugar-free seltzers from Levia. Pro tip: make your next mixed drink with one of these and enjoy! 

If you want your cocktail with a shot of weed, choose water-soluble tinctures such as the ones from Levia. But if you like Pina Coladas or other blended drinks involving ice cream or other fats, then it may be better to stick to oil-based tinctures like Howl’s.

Prefer keeping it old school with grass and a lighter? Parties are great for sharing a pre-roll. We recommend a balanced hybrid that will likely vibe well with most. Strains like Rainbow Chip and Axle Grease are a good place to start because they offer uplifting and comfortable highs. Or go big with a blunt, like one from El Blunto or Papi Cannabis, inspired by David Ortiz himself. Concerned about spreading germs? Maybe consider a pre-roll pack like the ones from Miss Grass

5. Traveling or taking a vacationing

Whether it’s a day trip or a long excursion, weed can usually come along for the ride if you plan smartly. 

Hard candy or fruit chews are usually the most convenient. Keep an eye out for products that come in tins or hard shell packaging to avoid any accidental squishing. Be sure to explore our easy-travel options, like the bright summer flavors from Wana, tangy Camino chews from Kiva, and high-CBD candies and gummies from I Am Edible

Since you’re already treating yourself, why not sit back with a tasty blunt? These usually come in a plastic tube for safe travel and minimized smell. These tubes also make it easy to store partially consumed blunts for later (but no judgment if you don’t leave any leftovers – it’s summer so why not live it up??)