Salem is a city full of culture, museums, history, & shops that it’s so easy to get lost in it all. Being right downtown, we have the luxury of being able to experience everything year round. Here are some of our favorite & unique things to do around Salem, because we all know – there’s no place like the witch city.

Salem Witch Museum

The Witch Museum is a staple to the city, and is most recognized by its unique architecture. Inside these red windows is a wax figure retelling of the Salem Witch Trials. This is great for those looking to learn about the infamous events, while feeling immersed in the story.

Hocus Pocus Filming Locations

Did you know a handful of scenes from the film Hocus Pocus were actually filmed in Salem? You can visit Ropes Mansion, Old Town Hall, & two residential buildings within the city. Their exteriors were used for Allison’s house, Salem Town Hall, Max & Dani’s house, & Jacob Bailey High School in the movie. You can even check out Thackery Binx’s home tucked away in Salem’s Pioneer Village. You can explore these sites yourself, or sign up for a guided tour.

Cinema Salem

Located right inside the Witch City Mall, there is never a dull day at Cinema Salem. On top of standard movie screenings, the cinema also hosts lots of events. From horror movie double features to drag performances of hit movies like Legally Blonde or Twilight.


There are so many witch shops in Salem, and each one offers its own, unique experience. HausWitch not only carries your standard crystals & tarot cards, but these lovely people create an incredible environment for seasoned practitioners to the new & curious. Here you can gather a spell kit for every occasion, and even photograph your personal aura.

Punto Urban Art Museum

Unlike most museums, this one is exclusively outside. Punto Urban Art Museum identifies as an “open air museum” meaning their art is all over Salem, typically painted on the outside of buildings. With over 50+ murals around the city, you’re more than likely to stumble upon this experience. And I’ll let you in on a secret, whenever you visit Seagrass, our outside mural by Curiot is part of their exhibit.

The Cheese Shop of Salem

The Cheese Shop is a local haunt that most tourists seem to overlook. This store contains everything you need for a DIY charcuterie board and way more. You can take classes to learn about wine and cheese pairings, or sign up for their wine club for tastings at home. They carry a large variety of groceries, making it an easy one stop shop before your next party or picnic. Perfect to add a little fun to your trip.

The Witchery

A more exclusive experience in Salem is broommaking at The Witchery down in the Wharf. By appointment only, you can head over and make a custom broom to take home from your trip. They also offer a bookbinding class, as well as open crafting where you can craft with people of similar interests.

Peabody Essex Museum

The PEM is the largest museum in Salem, yet it still seems to be a hidden gem. This is the home to many exhibits about history, climate & the environment, & wellness. By far, the most popular exhibit is the Yin Yu Tang house – a 200-year-old home erected in the PEM from southeast China during the Qing Dynasty. With over two dozen exhibits currently ongoing, you can be lost for hours at the PEM.

Die With Your Boots On & The Ossuary

For all your Salem-esque attire, Die With Your Boots On & The Ossuary have you covered. The Ossuary staff can help you get fitted into the goth outfits of your dreams. Or you can head over to their more eccentric sister store, Die With Your Boots On (a short walk away), for some pops of color & fantastic shoes. Their inclusive staff will make you feel super welcome & help you find an outfit to die for.

Roost & Company

This gift shop centered right downtown is unique in its own way. Roost & Company bypassed the witch theme for their store and chose a more light, on trend vibe. With products like saint candles of icons like Taylor Swift, and greeting cards with Harry Styles and Matty Healy – they know who their audience is. They have all your small novelty needs to take home from your visit.

Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery

For all of our horror enthusiasts, Count Orlok’s offers the rare occasion to come face to face with the monsters from your favorite films. This wax museum contains creatures from Tim Curry’s IT to a lifesize version of the wolf from An American Werewolf in London. This type of encounter could only happen in Salem. 

Witch Dr

After visiting us at Seagrass, around the corner are some of our very best friends – Witch Dr. This storefront sells its handmade glass, as well as anything else you may need to partake. If you see a sign outside their shop saying “Live Glass Blowing,” be sure to head inside to see the masters at work. Their art is unmatched, and we’re so happy to work with them.

Salem is so full of adventures, that being bored isn’t even an option. Whether you’re hitting the Witch House for some photos, heading down to the Wharf to grab a bite at Sea Level, or just taking a stroll to admire the architecture in the McIntire Historic District – be sure to hit up Seagrass to enhance all of your Salem hauntings.