Meet Eddie

How did you get started in Cannabis?

The first industry job I got, I simply was interested in getting into it and applied. At the time I was working in the vape industry, and was a pretty avid consumer. For the first few months after applying, I got no response and was worried it wouldn’t happen. Thankfully I did, and the rest is history 😎

What is your favorite part of your job/the cannabis industry?

Aside from getting to experience the early stages of such a huge industry, I thoroughly enjoy the connections I get to make with people. From business to business interactions, all the way down to getting to help out consumers find the correct product for themselves. To me, cannabis is community. It’s really cool to see that happen right in front of me.

Favorite brand/product we carry, and why?

That’s a tough one. There are so many good products on our shelves, we really try to keep what we think is the best in stock. Having to pick, I’d say the Wana gummies. The entire brand is incredible, but my favorite are the Fast Asleep gummies. There are many nights I struggle to sleep, and this put me right out. The combination of high CBD, some THC, CBG, and CBN is incredible. Let’s not forget that 1mg of Melatonin either!

Recommendation for someone visiting Salem for the first time?

There’s a ton to see and do in Salem, albeit a lot of it is geared for tourists. My favorite little circuit would be to have a little smoke somewhere, and then go and hang out at Bit Bar, followed by a drink or two at All Souls. That corner became such a staple within the last year for me. I highly recommend it!