Meet Erin

How did you get started in Cannabis?
I was definitely a late bloomer and didn’t start consuming cannabis until I was about 23! My childhood and the DARE program taught me Marijuana was bad, but I was put in a pickle when I started experiencing chronic pain in my teens, which turned into a Fibromyalgia diagnosis in my
twenties. Through the years, I found little help from modern medicine and then someone
mentioned trying Medical Marijuana.

The first time I smoked cannabis, I felt my tension and stress from the day melt away, which
subsequently helped my pain and gave me the best night sleep I’ve ever had! After that night, I
knew there was a connection between cannabis and treating/managing pain, so I got a Medical
Marijuana card, did lots of research and experimentation, and the rest is history!

What is your favorite part of your job/the cannabis industry?

I’ve worked in cannabis for about 5 years now, and trust me, it’s hard to choose a favorite part
of such a unique, multi-faceted industry. The medicinal benefits are what brought me here, and
the best part of my day is when I get to help someone find a product that fits their specific
needs. If you tell me you need help with pain, sleep, a little mood boost, that project you’ve been
putting off for 5 months and now you have 2 days to do it all, I got you, and for that big project,
so does Durban Poison!

Favorite brand/product we carry, and why?

Wow, that’s probably the most difficult question on here; I have so many favorites! I absolutely
love Blue Dream, Papi Sweet Sluggers, and the Buzzy infused Root Beer, but my favorite
product has to be the Coast Tangerine 1:1:1 THC:CBD:CBG gummies. Living with
Fibromyalgia, managing pain with CBD is part of my daily routine, but adding in the mood
enhancement from the CBG is life-changing! I had my doubts, but an hour after my first
Tangerine I found myself feeling totally released from depression and anxiety with a smile like I
just won the lottery!

Recommendation for someone visiting Salem for the first time?

Definitely stop by the Wharf to see the shops, beach, and walk out to the lighthouse. Then go
visit Mercy Tavern for the best burger and garlic fries in town! If you’re not a fan of roasted
garlic, or if you’re visiting us from Transylvania, you can substitute them for their equally
amazing tzatziki fries!