Meet Taylor


How did you get started in cannabis?

I moved to Massachusetts from Arizona and was looking to switch industries. I worked as a veterinary technician for 5 years prior and knew I loved making a difference/helping where I can. I initially found a dispensary that offered medical and recreational sales and decided to switch from helping animals to helping people!

What is your favorite part of your job/this industry?

Previously mentioned, I love feeling like I can help others achieve their goals when it comes to cannabis. Whether you have aches, pains, anxiety, stress, or generally just trying to have a good time; I love being the recommendation giver! It’s my homework to try different cannabis products so I can give the best options to anyone looking for some guidance.

Favorite brand/product we carry and why?

This is a tough question because we carry some of the best of the best (in my opinion). If we’re talking edibles; Coast and Wana are my top 2 favorite vendors for taste/consistency/effects. If you’re more of a smoker (like myself); Green Gold Group and Lazy River produces some of the most beautiful buds and tasty terpenes I’ve tried so far.

Recommendations for someone visiting Salem for the first time?

Unfortunately, I haven’t experienced all that Salem has to offer just yet. I know there’s fantastic tours/museums/attractions all around, but I haven’t gotten the chance to visit most of them. I do know that I’m a huge fan of the jewelry that Village Silversmith offers and if you’re looking for some cute apparel- Mall Goth Trash has your back and they’re local! They don’t have a storefront, but you can purchase online from Etsy 🙂